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How we make the finest smoked salmon

Our salmon arrives in the early hours of the morning after it has been harvested, from the clear cool waters off the North West coast of Scotland, the day before, this ensures the freshest possible salmon arriving with us.  We only purchase from the best salmon producers in Scotland with excellent sustainability and welfare standards

The whole process of producing the smoked salmon is all done by hand by highly skilled members of our team, all who have been trained to meet the exacting standards that Joseph Hyman developed.

The salmon is split and then cured with our specially sourced pure salt for a while (it's a secret how long!)

We then cold smoke the salmon using pure oak sourced from our trusted oak beam maker where the best dried oak chippings are made.

All bones are then removed by hand to ensure that none are left before slicing, we are so good at removing them we have even been asked if we can do eyebrows as well!

Each packet of salmon is sliced to order, we slice it as thinly as possible to enable you to use the smoked salmon for whatever you require.

Each batch of salmon is quality tested by Richard himself, not because it is necessary as we are sure that the smoked salmon will be perfect, but because he loves eating salmon and can't resist having it for breakfast every day!